Compete with Nintendo Switch, Logitech Launches G Cloud Gaming!

Talking about the world of gaming , of course it cannot be separated from the medium. Whether it’s mobile , PC, or console, each has its advantages. One of the models that is currently becoming an idol is the handheld console or handheld console.

The popularity of handheld consoles has increased due to Nintendo’s success in marrying reliable gaming performance with the practicality of the Nintendo Switch , which can be carried and played anywhere. No wonder the handheld console formula has been tried by several companies. One of them is Steam which released Steam Deck some time ago.

Well this time it was Logitech ‘s turn to release their handheld console . What does it look like? Let’s see the review!

Logitech G Cloud Gaming

To target the gaming console market , Logitech launched Logitech G Cloud Gaming . As already mentioned in the title of the article, this console from Logitech will be present in the form of a handheld console like the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch.

Logitech itself works closely with Nvidia and Microsoft to deliver an optimal cloud gaming experience. Logitech will integrate Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now Logitech G Gloud Gaming services. In addition, Logitech itself will also work with Tencent to help present the Android Launcher for Logitech G Gloud Gaming . This means that in addition to being able to play cloud gaming , Logitech G Gloud Gaming can also be used to open several Android applications including Android games!

Specifications and Prices

Logitech wants to present a gaming console with reliable performance. They have to compete with the Nintendo Switch and also the Steam Deck, which is already present in the handheld console scene. Therefore, the Logitech G Cloud Gaming specifications also do not play games in order to maintain quality and comfort when used to play games. Here are the specifications:

  • CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G (SD720G); Octa-core CPU up to 2.3GHz
  • Screen : IPS LCD; 1920 x 1080 FHD (16:9 ratio)
  • Brightness Level : 450 nits typical
  • Refresh Rate : 60 Hz
  • Touch Enabled : Multi-touch
  • Battery Type : 2 cells; Rechargeable Li-Polymer
  • Battery Life : 23.1 Hours
  • Storage : 64GB of UFS with MicroSD slot
  • RAM : 4GB of LPDDR4X RAM

With these hardware specifications , of course Logitech G Cloud Gaming can run games comfortably. When it comes to minus points, one thing to worry about is that there is no SIM card slot in this device . The player must always be on a WiFi connection to play the game .


Logitech G Cloud Gaming is planned to be sold starting October 2022 at a price of $349 or around Rp. 5 million. If you buy it in the pre-order period, you will get a special price of $299 or around Rp. 4.5 million!

The launch of Logitech G Cloud Gaming for October tomorrow is currently limited to Canada and the United States only. Interested in buying it?

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